Our Board Members

We welcome a new group of people to our Board who will help Wishing Well in its next and exciting phase of growth. With as much energy, enthusiasm, wisdom and experience as these people have to offer, Wishing Well Sanctuary will be well positioned to move even closer to fulfilling its full vision and mission! We extend a warm welcome to (in a alphabetical order) Corey, Lesley, Michael, Stephanie and Thomas to the Wishing Well family.

Together with our amazing volunteers, generous donors, new Board members and all of you, a dedicated and loving community of people speaking out on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves, we can and will continue to make a difference! Many hands (and hearts) make light work.

Brenda Bronfman -Founder
Brenda Bronfman

A lifelong passion for animals and their well-being, Brenda understood at an early age that all beings have feelings and that we are indeed all connected. The Wishing Well Sanctuary is a beautiful expression of Brenda's values and passion. She will work tirelessly to see to it that the Sanctuary makes a wonderful difference in the lives it touches and beyond!

Stephanie Brown -Director
Stephanie Brown

Stephanie is an antique jewellery dealer and the co-founder and director of the Canadian Coalition for Farm Animals. She has an extensive history of helping animals, including being past president of the Toronto Humane Society, Canadian Federation of Humane Societies and past chair of the Advisory Board of the Col. K.L. Campbell Centre for the Study of Animal Welfare.

Corey Burt -Director
Corey Burt

He is a vegan and has a passion for animals, nature and being a voice for those that do not. He advocates for compassion and kindness for all living beings and believes that through education, understanding and empathy, people should be educated about their everyday decisions and how it effects other non-human lives.

Board members share in Brenda's vision of creating an emotionally and environmentally safe place for children, youth and their families to heal and grow, alongside farmed animals saved from maltreatment or slaughter.

Thomas G.C. Gerginis -Director
Thomas G.C. Gerginis

Thomas is very passionate to give back to society and brings a strong history in actively supporting charitable initiatives. In addition to being a supporter of animal rights, Thomas' societal interests range from education to healthcare.

Lesley Prestwich -Director
Lesley Prestwich

Lesley is mother of one incredible child. She is a lifelong animal friend and advocate, turning vegetarian in her late teens, then vegan when the horrors of dairy and egg farming became clear to her.

Alice Freitas -Director
Alice Freitas

Alice has a long career in the classroom and brings her experience in education to facilitate visits to our Sanctuary by school groups. She works closely with Boards of education in order to share humane education and animal welfare to students from kindergarten to grade 12. She will also facilitate the expansion of co-operative placements at our Sanctuary. She is very passionate about education and fully bilingual which will also facilitate the delivery of our programs to our French Immersion students. She is thrilled to be a part of the Wishing Well Sanctuary family.

When humans act with cruelty we characterize them as 'animals', yet the only animal that displays cruelty is humanity.

Anthony Douglas Williams
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