Would you like to work with the animals, assist in the office or at a fundraising event? There is always lots of work... as well as sharing your love with 'our' animal family. There are many, many ways by which you can help us; fundraising, marketing, graphic design, construction etc etc... WE look forward to welcoming you to our community!

The Wishing Well family loves being groomed, petted or sometimes just kept company to help them adjust to different circumstances.

We are looking for someone like you! What are you good at? Many skills can be helpful to our sanctuary.

One of the best reasons to volunteer is that it is tied to something you are passionate about. A recent study showed that 95% of volunteers surveyed said they gained a "helper's high" volunteering, so it truly is a feel-good activity.

If you are interested in joining please complete out our volunteer application and email to volunteer@wishingwellsanctuary.org. We will be in touch shortly to help you choose your volunteer experience.

Volunteer Spotlight