Meet Dumbledore

WELCOME HOME, Gandalf and Dumbledore!
Saturday, Sept. 24th, 2016, 2 magnificent 14 week old roosters were brought to us by their loving ‘parents’ who could no longer care for them. After much research and a visit to Wishing Well Sanctuary, the roosters’ Moms chose us as the best place for their beloved boys; we are honoured!

No one will ever take the place of Bruce; he will always be deeply loved by all who spent time with him. Gandalf and Dumbledore simply help expand our hearts and we have more than enough room therein to add more love for additional, beautiful beings! Please send love and wishes for them, that they should have long, happy and healthy lives with us at Wishing Well Sanctuary.

Again….we welcome you with love, Gandalf and Dumbledore!!!