Meet Moo Moo

Moo Moo was one day old when he was found in a “finishing barn” – the type of barn used to house animals in the final stage of their growth before slaughter. Clearly a day-old calf does not fit the criteria for being raised in a finishing barn and Moo Moo was not only separated from his mother at that tender age, one of the staff at the finishing barn was going to club him to death.

Fortunately, Moo Moo was spotted by some city folk who intervened. They took him in and, after attempting to raise him for a month, called their local Animal Control for help. A kind Animal Control officer took Moo Moo to her hobby farm, where he grew into a healthy two-year-old Holstein x Jersey steer. Even though the Animal Control officer did a great job in raising him, he was the only cow on her hobby farm and she knew that, as a herd animal, Moo Moo needed to be with other cattle. Wishing Well Sanctuary agreed to take him in. He arrived on October 17, 2012.

Following an uneventful quarantine period, he was introduced to the herd at the sanctuary. He quickly blended in and integrated well in the cows’ social hierarchy. He is a gentle giant easily identifiable among the other cattle by his bold black and white markings and the jutting hip bones synonymous with his breed.