Meet Olivia

Olivia arrived at Wishing Well in December 2013 after someone was spotted dumping her over the fence at another animal sanctuary. It was her lucky day, because there was no indication that her “dumper” realized Olivia was being left at a refuge – it appeared that she was found running on the road and the person placed her over the fence, thinking they were putting her back on the farm she had escaped from. She was roughly the size of a piglet headed to a “finishing barn” to be raised for slaughter, so likely fell off a truck, as Winston, Maurice, Yoda and Leia did before her.

Olivia is extremely high spirited and energetic. She now spends her days with Yoda and Leia and these “three little pigs” have become firm friends. Yoda’s initial mild aggression towards her quickly wore off, although he does still try to nose in on her food. Despite being much larger than her, Olivia is no pushover and holds her own even against Yoda, who invariably doesn’t manage to steal a morsel.