Meet Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea is an American Paint Horse who came to Wishing Well Sanctuary after being removed from an abusive situation by Ontario SPCA. This young mare is alleged to have suffered horribly, including being beaten and starved, leading to the man who previously “owned” her being charged with animal cruelty. The OSPCA placed her in an interim setting where she took her first steps towards recovery before arriving at Wishing Well, which will be her forever home.

After all she’s been through, Sweet Pea is highly strung and we took her in because we believed that she desperately needs a healing environment where she will not be ridden. Following a few hours of anxiety after her arrival, she calmed down significantly and appears to be happy in her new home. Despite the hardship that she has endured, she has not shown signs of aggression, but has been gentle and loving with everyone she has met.