Meet Trixie

Truffle and Trixie came to Wishing Well from the Windsor area, where they were rescued from a horrific cruelty case where they were left to starve. Ten other pigs were found dead and one was euthanized on site by cruelty investigators from Windsor-Essex Humane Society when they raided the farm where Truffle and Trixie previously lived. They are two of only three pigs who survived. A number of other animals, including three horses, four sheep, 12 rabbits and 10 chickens, were found in a severely malnourished state, along with the bodies of the pigs, two sheep and two ducks. According to the Windsor-Essex Humane Society, the surviving animals were so malnourished that they had no alternative but to eat the remains of those who had died. Cruelty charges have since been laid.

Truffle and Trixie arrived at Wishing Well in August 2013 and were greeted by a small group of well wishers who had come to the Sanctuary to witness their arrival. They are two gentle souls whose sweet natures shine through, despite all they have endured. They take great delight in the simplest things in life, such as rummaging in straw bedding or the chance to splash around in a tub of water – opportunities which are denied to pigs on regular farms. We can only hope that their terrible start in life fades into a distant memory as they start to enjoy Sanctuary life.