Meet Yoda

Yoda is a charming piglet who arrived at Wishing Well Sanctuary on September 20, 2013 after falling off a truck in Quebec. He was likely on his way to a “finishing barn”, where piglets are usually sent at the age of about six weeks to be raised for slaughter. Fortunately, he survived the fall with only minor injuries and was found near Brossard later that evening by Quebec provincial police, who came to his rescue. Wishing Well offered to take him in after hearing about his plight online from a posting with a plea to give him sanctuary. News of his rescue spread quickly, with mainstream media in Canada, the US, UK and Germany publicizing his narrow escape. Yoda is blessed with an enchanting personality that endears him to everyone he meets and we look forward to sharing a lifetime of love with him. Regular updates about his adventures and life at the Sanctuary are provided on his Twitter feed, @pig_who_live.