Wishing Well Sanctuary Mission, Vision, and Values

Wishing Well Sanctuary is undergoing a strategic realignment in order to ensure that, going forward, we remain true to our mission, vision, and values. We will continue to ensure that our animal family receives excellent care and we will focus on our mission to promote mental health and well-being for children, youth, their families and caregivers; we will be extending sanctuary to those affected by trauma, addiction and other difficulties, by providing courses, seminars, and workshops.

We will continue to provide a safe haven for abused and neglected animals, to promote care and respect for all beings through humane education, and to foster personal and community responsibility to alleviate suffering. We also remain committed to promoting greater awareness of our relationship with, and impact on, the environment, by providing programs that encourage responsible stewardship of our planet.

Now in our ninth year, we look forward to broadening the scope of our programs to include even greater community enrichment. We hope you will join us as we move forward and continue serving the people that reach out to us, the animals in our care, and those that support us in so doing.

With gratitude for your unwavering support,

WWS Board of Directors



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There’s always lots of work that needs to be done around the sanctuary. If you’d like to volunteer click here to fill out our volunteer application form.

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Ontario Wildlife Rescue

Ontario Wildlife Rescue

 Attention: For any questions or assistance with wildlife concerns, please visit www.ontariowildliferescue.ca. We are a farmed animal sanctuary but want all animals to be safe! Thank you for trying to assist an animal in need. We need more people like you!